Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Your Bridal bouquet and the Groom's boutonniere define your personalities as well as the style of your wedding ceremony.

Our wedding package Bridal bouquets incorporate orchids, lilies, and roses, because we have learned that these flowers endure the heat of the Caribbean, and last for hours in the sun.

Choose between all white, soft pastels, or bright tropical colors for your floral selection. Our Bridal bouquet is hand-tied with white or ivory satin ribbon.

If you have a special request for your wedding bouquet, simply let us know your ideas or send us a picture, and we will design the upgraded bouquet of your choice.

Beach Wedding Decorations

  • flower petals on beach
  • boy with sign during beach wedding
  • couple getting married on the beach with flowers in aisle
  • shoes optional sign with sandals beside it

Our Signature Aisle Runner of Tropical Colored Petals

Ceremonies of St. John inspired and created the use of tropical colored rose petals as a natural aisle runner on the sand to define your personal ceremony location. It is our signature and we are proud to be the first to use petals on the sand.

We can also upgrade your aisle design to include a frame of palm fronds and fresh local flowers. Other ideas are also welcome.

  • minister and couple being married
  • beach wedding with canopy
  • arch with flowers and canopy for wedding
  • beach wedding canopy with flowers

A Bridal Canopy Enhances Your Beach Wedding Location

We offer a canopy or floral arch for those who wish for more Bridal elegance on the beach. Made with tropical blonde bamboo and topped with a hand painted silk canopy, this is a simple yet sophisticated upgraded enhancement.

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  • flower girl on the beach
  • bridesmaids on the beach
  • wedding decorations virgin islands

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, and Other Island Wedding Flowers

Ceremonies of St John can assist you in the design of your Bridal party flowers, reception arrangements, and other special requests.

Wedding Flowers Gallery

  • bridal bouquet with pink roses, yellow orchids and white alstromeria
  • bouquet with white hydrangea, pale pink roses, gloriosa and green orchids
  • bride holding bouquet with orange roses, pink calla lilies, pink spray roses
  • couple and bouquet with mango calla lilies, orange roses, light pink roses, white calla lilies, white orchids
  • stargazer lilies, fuchsia roses and orange roses wedding bouquet
  • red roses, orange lilies, yellow lilies, blue orchids, pink tulips in bouquet
  • wedding flowers with pink orchids and fuchsia roses
  • st john bridal bouquet with white roses and purple orchids
  • light pink roses, red roses, yellow lilies and orange alstromeria Bridal bouquet
  • wedding flower bouquet with red roses
  • bride bouquet with fuchsia roses, orange roses, purple orchids
  • wedding ceremony flowers with pink spray roses, red roses, purple calla lilies, purple orchids
  • floral wedding bouqet with pink orchids, yellow roses, light pink roses, ivory rose
  • beach wedding flowers with light pink and fuchsia roses
  • caribbean wedding flowers with ivory roses and white orchids
  • wedding flower arrangement with green hydrangea, white calla lilies, white roses, white orchids
  • st john wedding flowers with pink peony and white peonies
  • bouquet containing fuchsia roses, purple orchids, white orchids, green hydrangea
  • st john bouquet with orange roses, green hydrangea, fuchsia dahlia
  • st john bride bouquet with sunflowers
  • usvi wedding bouquet with fuchsia roses, yellow roses, white orchids
  • virgin island wedding bouquet with coral roses, white orchids, orange roses
  • beach wedding bouquet with mango calla lilies, pink calla lilies, green orchids, orange roses, fuchsia roses, orange renaucla
  • usvi beach wedding flowers with yellow roses, green orchids, purple orchids
  • bride and bouqet with mango calla lilies, green hydrangea, green orchids, purple orchids
  • bright red boutonniere
  • groom boutonniere
  • purple boutonniere usvi
  • natural boutonniere for st john wedding
  • white boutonniere
  • groom flowers usvi
  • starfish boutonniere for wedding
  • floral arch and bride on beach wedding
  • beach wedding with canopy
  • trunk bay beach wedding with floral canopy
  • minister and couple exchanging vows on the beach
  • sunset beach wedding with canopy
  • starfish wedding decoration on chair on the beach
  • flower girl with basket tossing flowers in the air
  • wedding on Trunk Bay with flower petals down the aisle
  •  close up of flower petals on the beach
  •  shoes optional sign with sandals beside it
  • white flowers used in bride's hair for wedding
  • purple flowers in bride's hair
  • ring of flowers in bride's hair